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"Let us give you your HOME back!"

HoardingCleanup.com was developed by Steri-Clean, Inc. "Hoarders.com" the only true hoarding specialists in California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina,  and still growing! We are currently developing a franchise network of offices through the United States to provide highly trained, professional help across the nation. Interested in joining us? Let us know! We are passionate about helping hoarders get a fresh start on life. After becoming involved in so many hoarders lives, we know they are all good people that are just overwhelmed. Because we receive dozens of calls each week with questions about resources for hoarders, we decided to create this site to help provide those answers. Steri-Clean has a database of hundreds of resources including cleaning companies, therapists, counselors, support groups, etc.

Cory Chalmers - Owner of Steri-Clean, Inc and 1-800-HOARDERS has 20 years of hoarding remediation experience, and is also a recently retired Captain with the Fire Department. He is a featured expert on the A&E series "Hoarders" and actually made the pilot for the show. With his combined experience of both professions, he has the ability to work closely with clients and city officials whenever a city has gotten involved. His warm, caring spirit makes all of his customers comfortable with him within seconds of meeting him. He strives to work hard in any situation to make sure his clients are given the best possible service. He offers free email and phone suport to people all over the country looking for help or just a little advice. Mr. Chalmers is also a keynote speaker at conferences, conventions and training seminars. His lectures are geared towards audiences with little to no experience in hoarding as well as those that are very experienced in it. If you are looking for a speaker with a lot of knowledge in all aspects of hoarding, you found him! Don't miss his educational series of webinars where you can learn everything you need to know about the hoarding disorder to better help yourself, a loved one or a customer!

Have Questions? Ask Cory here, cchalmers@1800hoarders.com


Cory Chalmers

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